About Me


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I am a mom and writer currently living in San Francisco, California. My debut picture book is PILAR'S WORRIES (2018, Albert Whitman).

I was born and raised in San Diego but have now spent close to half my life in San Francisco where I live with my husband, two kids, and a gorgeous fish. When I'm not in the City by the Bay, you'll find me traveling - I love visiting new places!

In my former life, I made a living as a human resources professional. But for the past few years, I have had the good fortune to spend almost half my day listening to my characters, writing, and reading kidlit. The rest of my day is spent trying to figure out New Math so I don't lose credibility with my kids.

My intention as a writer is to create characters that reflect children as they really are - unique, individual beings with an infinite variety of personalities, motivations, and...superpowers.

Ten Random Facts About Me
1.  I grew up with a meditation practice called "Actualism." I was super embarrassed about it when I was a kid because I was sure everyone would think I was a total weirdo.  I am, but not because I meditate.

2. I have ADHD. This means I have both the hyperactivity part (fun), and the attention deficit part (not so fun). The aforementioned meditation makes it a lot easier to manage but it can still be a little hard - especially when writing.

3. I think swimming in the ocean is the very, very best medicine.  (For anything.)

4. I think dancing is a close second to ocean swimming.

5. I have been writing since I was a child but I never got brave enough to submit to publishers until very recently. It's never too late!

6. My favorite animals are polar bears and Amur tigers and if I can just stop working on other ideas, you might get to read a chapter book about a cranky and fierce friendship between these two super cool animals.

7. My ancestors have lived in New Mexico since the 1600s - long after the First People but well before it was what we now know as the United States!

8. I am not fond of cheese. No, I am not lactose intolerant. Yes, I've probably tried (insert name of cheese from some region that excels in making cheese), the "best cheese ever." I've found that cheese aversion is a great conversation starter - most people feel very strongly about cheese.

9. I despise mustard.

10. I have always LOVED children's books. When I was in college, I would save my hard-to-come-by cash to purchase first editions of crackling old illustrated children's classics.  They've now become my children's favorites, too.